There are many reasons people may be scared about getting legal rights advice from an attorney. Here are just a few:

· You have to check your bank balance before you obtain any legal advice from an actual attorney…or…you fear the entire process is cost-prohibitive so you’re fear results in taking inappropriate or NO action.

· You don’t know the right questions to ask an attorney…Or…you’re concerned that you won’t understand the legal jargon you receive.

· You are scared silly that the attorney will learn that you are doing something illegal and…maybe you’ll get turned into the court system.

· You just don’t want to deal with the situation, hoping it will ‘go away’.

So, why are YOU scared about getting legal advice?

With the economic concerns and instability of jobs these days, I can see how you might not want to find out your legal rights before you know if you can afford them. Attorneys generally charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their services. Then, there’s usually a retainer fee for the attorney to get started on your case. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to you to NOT have to check your bank balance whenever you needed legal rights advice or legal help?

Listen, you know how to explain your situation to a friend, but you question your ability to have the right words to address an attorney. Reminder: attorneys are people, too, and if you can explain your legal concerns to someone else, you can explain it to an attorney. Attorneys have talk to many people of many different backgrounds every day and certainly they can understand you. They also can speak clearly and take the time to explain terms regarding your legal questions or concerns.

As far as asking the correct questions, as long as you tell attorneys about your situation fully, you can ask them which questions you should ask (in court, mediation session, or whatever the case may be). You can ask them to explain things in another way if you don’t understand the way they presented it. Attorneys really are trying to help, and are not as scary as you may think they are.

If there’s something illegal in your past, you could either talk to an attorney about whether it would be good to discuss it with them or not before telling them details, or you could leave it out of the conversation. If it has nothing to do with the task at hand, it may be better to talk about it another time anyway. Just focus on why you need to talk to the attorney now.

Many people have negative situations in life with which they just don’t want to handle. It’s understandable if talking to an attorney gives you hives or makes you nervous just thinking about it. However, the situation is probably not going to go away just because you don’t want to deal with it. Chances are, the longer you put off the situation, the harder the situation will be to deal with. That’s generally how it works with procrastination; yet, if you take care of it promptly, you’ll feel much better and it won’t be consuming your life like it may be.

There are many reasons people don’t look for legal help. However, there are many solutions that can truly help and make it easy to talk to an attorney any time. A solution could be to ask an attorney about your situation and find out how easy it can be. There are many options for attorneys or legal services that can help in any situation or location.

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